To sign up for a new account PLEASE CALL 818-861-1295 or 877-545-4544 / 24 hours a day. Please Have your Credit card information ready when you contact us. Sorry for any incontinence, We are updating our website to serve you better in the future.


Save money with the most competitive rates!
Calline gives a flat rate of x.xc for instate and state-to-state, as well as our very low rates for our International destinations (click here).

Bonus on Sign Up!
Calline will offer signup bonus, see table below for details. You don't lose any thing by signing up with Calline. Please try us.

No Switching Necessary!
At the time of sign up, Calline will provide you either a local access number or 1-800 access number. With either one of these numbers you can use our services from any phone by keeping your current Long Distance Carrier or you can cancel your long distance services.

Use From Any Phone
You can use Calline from your home phone, cell phone, office phone, or anywhere in the US.

Use While Traveling
You can use our services while you are on the road traveling by just dialing either the local access number or the toll-free 1-800 number, your account number and PIN number to benefit the savings with no additional fees.

Lowest International Rates
Calline offers the lowest INTERNATIONAL RATES (click to see our low rates) Balance Information and Automatic Account Recharge Under Your Finger Tips! Every time you place a call, the system automatically will provide you with your balance and remaining minutes you have before your call takes place.

Real Time Billing Management Online
Calline allows you to review, manage and track account balances. You will be able to view and make changes to credit card accounts, personal information, and view detailed call logs. You will NOT be able to change your primary phone number, but can add additional three numbers to your account.