Prepaid Pinless long distance phone service. One of the best in the industry.

Great news, CallLine just got even better!

Now Calls from Armenia to USA are only 2.9 cents per minute!

  1. Login into your CallLine Account.
  2. Add your family or friends Armenia Phone Number to your account.
  3. Have your family or friends dial an Access Number for Yerevan followed by the destination number.
For Additional Information and Rates, please call: 1-(877)-545-4544

  1. Signup for account.
  2. Enter details.
  3. Make your call.

 Immediate activation on request.
 1 minute billing increment
 No connection fees
 No maintenance fees
 No expiration date
 SPEED dial for frequent called numbers
 Recharge account using credit card
 View call records online
 PINLESS dial from 6 telephone numbers
 Multi-language support
 No hidden cost
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 To make a call...

 Pickup your phone and dial one of our access numbers Our system recognizes your account from your phone number and announces your account balance. Then just dial the number you wish.

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 To set the account...
  1. Click on Products or Sign up, select a plan.
  2. Enter account details.
  3. Use as soon as activated
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 What makes us different...

 We have been in business for more then fifteen years and our customers enjoyed stable service and quality. We take pride providing the best available service to our customers.

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